About EDURange

EDURange is an NSF-funded project that is both a collection of interactive, collaborative cybersecurity exercises and a framework for creating these exercises. It is designed to provide students with an active learning environment focusing on analysis skills rather than on training based on a pre-packaged set of tools. Preparing cybersecurity exercises is a major obstacle in many academic programs but out environment is simple enough that faculty with limited knowledge of cybersecurity can employ it in the classroom. We hope that EDURange will significantly advance the integration of cybersecurity into the undergraduate computer science curriculum. Our design, lab scenarios and scoring system, reward the effort that students spend on analysis and reverse-engineering and helps them buy into the process of sharpening their analysis skills while making them a partner in evaluation and understanding of the limits of those skills.

Contact Us

Have any questions or comments for us? Email our official account: edurange.flask@gmail.com.